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Dessert Pizza Fluffy Slime.jpg
Dessert Pizza & Cloud Slime Workshop 
Monday, April 1st
11am - 12:30pm
$35 + tax ($37.93)

for kids in kindergarten & up

Kids will create Clay-Based Butter Slime "dough" and roll it out with rolling pins. Then, they'll add marshmallow-scented Fluffy Slime "marshmallow topping" + "sprinkles" + "chocolate chips" or "chocolate" pieces. Then, we'll make a fan favorite, Cloud Slime! And each child can choose 1 scent + 1 add-in from our wall of 100 add-ins.

D.I.Y. Slime
Drop Off Workshops

Workshops available for kids in kindergarten & older!

*Must have minimum of 6 kids to run workshop; if not, refunds will be given*

Carnival Slime.jpg


"We had an amazing experience. It’s so nice to find a place that offers a private studio that still feels safe even though it’s indoors. The kids loved it and all of the accessories were super cute."

— A.H.

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